Dropple Made with Unity - THE HISTORY OF DROPPLE

Dyskusja w 'Single' rozpoczęta przez użytkownika The Mascoteers, 9 Czerwiec 2016.


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  1. The Mascoteers

    9 Czerwiec 2016
    Docenione treści:
    App link :
    Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dropple/id1100092726
    Top Chart Game: Uk, Australia, Germany, France etc.

    Dropple is a single player arcade game with lots of variations of characters as well as balls and a challenging gameplay. It had been developed and currently being updated by The Mascoteers, an Australian team of talented Individuals who are dedicated to developing outstanding applications. Very recently, we got the authorization of Unity3D and got the opportunity to enlist our games in the official website and so we think it is high time to tell a little bit more about ourselves and also our games.


    Why We Created Dropple?
    we had no intention to sit back and just watch the acceptance of our new game rather We decided to march further Top and further Top. Most amusing, as well as the interesting thing is the idea of 'Dropple' came from a simple sketch That one of our members was drawing on a work day. It had a picture of a dropping ball and suddenly We decided, "Hey, why not Dropple?". Though it sounds really simple and unsophisticated, in still find it tremendously funny when we think of That small, but precious little moment.

    Dropple is designed for patient gamers with skill and creativity to make split-second Decisions under a constant pressure and make the ball bouncing as long as it is possible. A little challenging Fact Is That the ball is constantly picking up pace as it moves down the long, spiraling staircase and you have certainly got your hands full.



    We would like to give our sincere gratitude to all of our supporters, fans and reviewers should. Without them all, we would not get any inspiration and the courage to move forward to our journey. Thanks a lot to all of you. However, we would strongly appreciate if you all give your feedbacks and suggestions as we are determined to fulfill all of your expectations.

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